LV Car Insurance Policies

LV Car Insurance PoliciesEvery day approximately one thousand people choose to take out a Liverpool Victoria (LV) insurance policy. Many of these people are attracted by the relatively low cost of car insurance through LV and its comprehensive coverage. Here you can find an overview of LV car insurance and some of its key benefits, as well as some reasons why you need to call the LV car insurance contact number.

Five-year guarantee

LV car insurance provides a five-year guarantee on all car repairs, provided that they have been performed by a car repair specialist in the LV network. LV offers a new for old car replacement. So if your car is damaged and less than 12 months old LV will exchange it for a new vehicle. LV will also replace children’s car seats and put in new locks or keys if the car is stolen.

Relatively low-cost of coverage

Car insurance coverage starts from £169 with LV car insurance. This is a competitive rate compare to many other similar car insurance policies. 

Comprehensive damage repair cover

LV car insurance is a comprehensive offering which covers a wide variety of damage to your vehicle. The policy covers accidental damage, windscreen repair and damage caused by using the wrong fuel.

Additional coverage for people and belongings

As well as ensuring the car the LB policy also covers people and belongings inside the vehicle. If you or your partner are involved in an accident there is £10,000 personal accident coverage for injuries. There is also a £200 cover on the personal belongings in the car.

Optional extras that can be added to your policy

In addition to the comprehensive insurance package LL also offers the option to add additional insurance extras to the policy. One of these is a guaranteed courtesy car. This will be made available you for a maximum of two weeks if your car is unrecoverable. During this period you will only have to pay for the fuel costs. 

Another additional extra is motor legal insurance. This will cover you up to £100,000 if you are the subject of a motor prosecution as the result of an accident. If you travel frequently you can take out the European car insurance option which will cover you for trips lasting up to 180 days.