LV Car Insurance Claims – 0843 487 1847

LV Car Insurance ClaimsBuying an insurance cover is easier today with LV. However, most car insurance policyholders find the process of making proper claims confusing. This is mainly because they are either are not conversant with the legal terms used in the agreement or do not get to read the policy well. However, through its customer services department, Liverpool Victoria Insurance has continuously simplified the claim process. For example, most LV car insurance claims can be done over the phone. Some of the solutions one may be seeking for regarding claims have been described below.

What should one do in order to facilitate a claim?

There are things that clients ought to understand about car claims. For example, it is inconsequential to call the LV support team without the relevant details. To facilitate the claim, an individual is expected to alert the company on any repairs and replacement needs. In addition, one needs to report a car theft before calling the LV car insurance claims number. The crime reference number must then be noted down and presented while making the claim.

How are written-off cars and repair claims handled?

There are other claims that need personalized phone calls or a visit to LV. A perfect example would be a vehicle that has been written-off (damaged beyond repair). For such a case, the individual and the company must agree on the way forward. On the other hand, individuals with repair claims are advised to call their approved repairer prior to dialing LV car insurance claims phone number. Fortunately, these claims processes are direct are just a phone call away. 

What factors can lead to the rejection of a car claim?

Rarely do LV car insurance claims get rejected unless the terms of agreement are breached. For example, claims involving drunken driving and vehicles which are not roadworthy may be difficult to compensate. On the other hand, poor packing may deny an individual a car claim on theft. Most of these pre-conditions are explained in the terms and conditions section of a policy.

The reason for calling the LV car insurance claims number may not be among the ones presented above. LV’s support team should therefore be contacted through their number, and if presented with the right details a solution will be found. It is, however, important to note that all LV car insurance claims must be made within the time specified on the policy agreement.